• Where do I get information about the minor?
    1. Start with the webpage https://neuroscience.olemiss.edu
    2. Useful tips are available under the Advising tab, pay particular attention to the Alternative Prerequisites.
    3. Does the website seem out of date? Contact lainyday@olemiss.edu for updates.


  • I don’t see how I could possibly complete the minor with all the prerequisites required for all the courses!
    1. See “Alternative Prerequisites” listed under the Advising tab.
    2. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the Neuroscience Minor, the standard prerequisites for majors may have little bearing on your preparedness for courses that apply to the minor and you may be able to take many courses without these prerequisites.
    3. Students pursuing the neuroscience minor that have made an A or B in Psy 319, are generally allowed to enroll in Bisc 327. Send a copy of your unofficial transcript to lainyday@olemiss.edu for final approval.
      1. Standard UM rules still hold:
        1. Students cannot count courses for the major and the minor.
        2. Courses counted for general education requirements can generally count towards minor or major requirements.


  • I still don’t see how I can finish all the minor courses and all my pre-med, pre-dental, etc. course requirements.
    1. Consider a degree in Multidisciplinary Studies. https://catalog.olemiss.edu/university-programs/general-studies/bmds The Bachelor of Multi-Disciplinary studies allows you to complete 3 minors as your major. Not only is it accepted by medical schools, I have been told it draws attention to your application… you are not just another biochem major.
    2. You could also consider a B.A. in Interdisciplinary studies, it is similar to the BMDS above, but not as good for premed students as it limits use of the chemistry 200 level courses as part of one minor because each minor requires at least 6 hours at 300 level or above. https://olemiss.edu/academics/programs/liberal-arts/ba-intds-stu
  • The computer won’t let me sign up for the courses for which I do not have the prerequisites.
    1. You must speak with professors to get in.
    2. Ask for the syllabus and reading materials and provide the professor with a list of relevant courses taken and grades.
    3. If the professor approves, ask them to send an email stating such to whoever can sign you up for the course in their department.
    4. 600 level courses can count for the minor by enrolling in Neu 579.


  • How do I know what courses are available, there aren’t many Neu courses listed?
    1. Very few courses have a Neu designation, they have the course designation from their department, for example Bisc, CSD, etc.
    2. Acceptable courses are listed under the course catalog tab. I try to keep an updated list of current courses under the advising tab on the website. Courses that are 600 level and new courses offered that are not yet listed in the catalog can be found under the Advising tab as well.  If courses for the semester of interest are not listed, you may have to search the course schedule yourself to what is being offered.


  • How do I get involved?
    1. Declare the minor on myolemiss.
    2. Send lainyday@olemiss.edu your email address.
    3. Like the Facebook page and post.
    4. If you are interested in a Neuroscience Honors society let me know.


  • How do I fulfil the laboratory course requirement?
    1. The best way to do this is to take the Directed Research Neu 491, 492, 493 series.
    2. Find a professor whose research interests you and ask if they are currently taking 491 students.
    3. Some research opportunities are listed on NURO- Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Opportunities
    4. The form to sign up is here: https://neuroscience.olemiss.edu/related-classes/
    5. Fill out the prospectus form and bring it to Kim Byrd in biology (Biology2@olemiss.edu). Professors may e-sign the form, students must print and sign (unless we are still in lockdown, than all can e-sign)


  • Notes for Fall 2020 – Spring 2021:
    1. Psy 505 is no longer offered to undergraduates, we will be updating the catalog.