Winners: Neuroscience Research Showcase

I am pleased to announce the winners in the poster competition at the second annual Research Showcase sponsored by the Neuroscience Minor.  Each student winner will receive a $150.00 award in addition to your praise and admiration. All the posters and talks represented the excellent research work being performed at University of Mississippi. Complete author information for presentations is given in the attached document.
Graduate Student Winner: Sarah Crocker-Buta
Stress and Sexual Signaling in Male Green Tree Frogs
Under Graduate Winner:  There was a tie between John Aaron Howell (Male Lays Eggs: Chromosomal and Mate Preference Abnormalities in a Chimeric Zebra Finch Lineage)
 and James-Roland Markos (The Effects of Cannabidiol on Morphine Conditioned Place Preference in Mice).
James-Roland’s work was supported by the Neuroscience Research Award. He made excellent and efficient use of his funding.
I want to thank everyone who participated this year.  We had twelve students present posters, two faculty talks, and three student talks.  We are growing incrementally with hopes of growing exponentially.  The plan is to have at least one outside speaker next year.  I am currently taking suggestions for this position.
There were some new faces at the Showcase this year, please forward this message to interested parties.  If you would like to be added to the neuroscience minor e-mail list or become faculty in the minor, let me know.
The Showcase and the Research Award are made possible via funding from the College of Liberal Arts.   Special thanks for their continued support of the Interdisciplinary Minor.
I also want to thank Cassandra Sarcia for her help in pulling the Showcase together and creating the Neuroscience Video.
Chasity Collins’ assistance on the day of the Showcase was especially appreciated.
A hearty thanks goes to our judges, Tossi Ikuta, Mika Jekabsons, Chris Leary, and Alberto del Arco.
Lainy Day