Neuroscience Faculty

Primary Faculty


Elaine Day, director of the neuroscience minor

associate professor of biology
509 Shoemaker Hall
662-915-5444 |
Research: behavioral neuroscience: evolution & neuroplasticity of brain regions


Kenneth J. Sufka

professor of psychology & pharmacology
311B Peabody Hall
Phone: 662-915-7728 |
Research: pharmacology & behavioral neuroscience: animal models of anxiety-depression & chronic pain


Dwight Waddell

associate professor of electrical engineering
302 Anderson Hall
Phone 662-915-7231 |
Research: cognitive neuroscience/neuropsychology, neuronmechamics/biomechanics, computer brain interfaces, engineering design


Carolyn Wiles Higdon

professor of communication sciences & disorders
308 George Hall
Phone 662-915-5122 |
Research: assistive technology; augmentative communication; autism & early intervention; communicative & central auditory processing disorders; evidence based medicine & clinical outcomes; laryngectomy; medical voice issues; spasmodic, oral, & pharyngeal dysphagia; pharmacology & communication disorders


Alberto J. del Arco

assistant professor of exercise science
233 Turner Center
Phone: 662-915-5528 |
Research: behavioral neuroscience,: neurophysiology of stress and psychiatric disorders in animal models



Mika Jekabsons

associate professor of biology
110 Shoemaker Hall
662-915-3998 |
Research: cell biology: bioenergetics, apoptosis, metabolism

Robert Doerksen 

associate professor of Medicinal Chemistry
421 Fraser Hall
662-915-5880 |
Research: computational medicinal chemistry


Dr. Wishon

Donovan Wishon

assistant professor of philosophy & religion
015 Bryant Hall
662-915-5443 |
Research: philosophy of mind/consciousness,
philosophy of language, history of analytic philosophy

Professors in Related Fields

Nicole Ashpole

associate professor of psychology & pharmacology
311 Faser Hall
Phone: 662-915-2407 |
Research: pharmacology and behavioral neuroscience: methamphetamine neurotoxicity, drugs of abuse, the aging process




Richard Buchholz

associate professor of biology
104 Shoemaker Hall
662-915-5012 |
Research: animal behavior: host-parasite interactions, conservation biology

Bradley W. Jones,

associate professor of biology
122 Shoemaker Hall
Phone 662-915-1700 |
Research: cell biology: cell differentiation, nervous system development, drosophila genetics


Christopher Leary

assistant professor of biology
424 Shoemaker Hall
662-915-1087 |
Research: animal behavior: acoustic communication, reproductive endocrinology, neurobiology


S.Narasimha Murthy

associate professor of pharmaceuticals
113 Faser Hall
662-915-5164 |
Research: development of noninvasive techniques for drug delivery, drug sampling and therapy & therapy


Gregory Snyder

associate professor of communication sciences & disorders
310 George Hall
662-915-1202 |
Research: genetic and neurological study of fluency disorders,
motor theory & neurosciences, perception & production of language

Toshikazu Ikuta

Tossi Ikuta

assistant professor of communication sciences & disorders
311 George Hall
662-915-5121 |
Research: neuroimaging, dopaminergic cognitive modulation, human brain genetics, auditory & language processing, computational modeling



Karen E. Sabol

associate professor of psychology & pharmacology
302B Peabody Hall
Phone: 662-915-1206 |
Research: pharmacology and behavioral neuroscience: methamphetamine neurotoxicity, drugs of abuse, the aging process

Roy Thurston

Roy Thurston

assistant professor of special education
306 Guyton Hall
662-915-1781 |
Research: traumatic brain injury,
neuroscience applications in education

Adam Jones

assistant professor of Computer and Information Science 
217 Weir Hall
662-915-7057 |
Research: Virtual Reality

Dr. Gregg Roman

Gregg Roman

 professor and chair of biology

214 Shoemaker Hall
662-915-7203 |
Research: molecular and neural mechanisms of behavioral plasticity

Xin Ye

assistant professor of exercise science
233 Turner Center
Phone: 662-915-5521 |

Research: motor unit, Neuromuscular Physiology, Surface Electromyography

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Teresa Lefmann

assistant professor of Social Work
212 Department of Social Work
Phone: 662-915-7336 |
Research: Epigenetics, infant brain development, Neuroscience, Prenatal Stress, and Social Work



Jason Paris 
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
315 Faser Hall
662-915-3096 |

Research:  Addiction, Aging, Behavioral Neuroscience,  Cell Culture, NeuroAIDS, Neuroendocrinology, Neuropsychiatric Disorders, Rodent Models, Stress

Kristie Willett

Professor of Pharmacology
303A Faser Hall
662-915-6691 |