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      • Research Technologist Position in the Roberts Laboratory

        Research Technologist Position in the Roberts Laboratory Summary: Research in the Roberts lab centers on chromatin-modifying proteins with a major focus on the SWI/SNF (BAF) chromatin remodeling/tumor suppressor complex and its relationship to cancers. Recent studies have revealed that genes encoding subunits of the SWI/SNF complex are mutated in over 20% of all cancers, a rate approaching that of p53, making this the most frequently mutated chromatin regulator in human malignancies. We aim to discover the mechanism by which SWI/SNF complex contributes to the regulation of gene expression and lineage specification, and the mechanisms by which mutation of the tumor suppressor subunits drive cancer formation.  We also seek to identify specific vulnerabilities that are conferred by SWI/SNF mutation with the goal of identifying and pursuing novel therapeutic opportunities. We are seeking a highly motivated individual with an interest in biomedical research. The ideal applicant will utilize state-of-the-art techniques in genetics, molecular biology, and cell biology ...

      • Congratulations to members of Dr. Day's lab

        Mary Harvey and Kaitlyn Duda, two members of Dr. Lainy Day's lab, tied in the $1000 Research Award competition for the Neuroscience minor. Mary's project is titled "The Correlated Evolution of Cerebellar Size and Display Complexity in Pipridae" and Kaitlyn 's project is titled "Immunocytochemistry in Manakins".