Mississippi Academy of Sciences Meeting

Congratulations to our neuroscience minors Wilson Helmhout, Nathaniel Webb, and John Aaron Howell on excellent presentations at the Mississippi Academy of Sciences (MAS) Meeting in Hattiesburg, MS this past week.  Also participating was William Ross, a Pharmacy student.  Special accolades are in order for Natey Webb (Junior Biology Major, Chemistry and Neuroscience double minor) who was selected by the Mississippi Academy of Sciences to participate in the Millsaps- Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate symposium to present his research aimed at determining if the effects of adrenergic receptor antagonists on memory consolidation seen in mammals are conserved in birds . He competed with the top 20% of participants at the MAS symposium and won 2nd overall in the competition receiving a $200 cash prize. Also to be congratulated are his faculty advisor, Dr. Lainy Day, and his co-authors J’undra Pegues, Taylor Williams, and graduate student, Dr. Amy Hribar.